How a White Noise Machine Can Help

How a White Noise Machine Can Help

As your home settles in for the night, it will make noise. There will be creaks. You might hear the refrigerator kick on and hum. Same thing with your heating or air conditioning system.

If you have pets, they can keep you awake by moving around in another room, by the sound of their feet on tile or hardwood flooring. You might hear them lapping water or growling in their sleep.

These things can jar you from sleep – even if you’re not a light sleeper. Having a white noise machine can help drown out the sounds that occur in the night that wake you up and prevent you from getting back to sleep.

White noise consists of sounds, too – but these sounds each occur at a different frequency. When you use a white noise machine, you’re not actually hearing these frequencies because your hearing range isn’t able to tell each of these signals from the other.

What the machine does is it covers up or takes in any of the regular noises that you hear at night that might prevent you from falling asleep. Not only does it cover up sounds that keep you awake, but the sound that the machine does produce is very tranquil.

It helps you feel drowsy. The reason that this type of noise works is that you can’t really figure out what it is that you’re hearing because of the frequency. So because of that, your mind doesn’t focus on it the way that it would with the sound of a dog drinking water or a refrigerator humming when the motor comes on.

A white noise machine is not only recommended to people with insomnia, but it’s also recommended for people who have a medical condition, like tinnitus, which keeps them from falling asleep.

You can find these machines in models that will only give off a plain white noise. Some of these machines, however, do have masking sounds. The most popular kinds are the ones that have white noise that simply sounds like air.

But you can buy models that will allow you to customize the white noise sounds. These are frequencies that sound like rain, the ticking of a clock or of a hair dryer on low speed.

Some of them will also produce sounds like a rain storm, or like the sounds of wind chimes moving in a breeze. These machines are great for people who work odd hours or have jobs that require them to work third shift.