Anti-Stress Comfort Wraps to Help Insomnia

Anti-Stress Comfort Wraps to Help Insomnia

Besides a lack of melatonin, one of the top reasons that insomnia occurs is because of stress. Stress can create feelings of anxiousness, fear and anger. It can leave you worried about what’s going to happen the next day when you have to get up.

It can also make you wonder about your future. There are known stressors. You know when something has happened that causes you to feel stressed. Things can go on at work that make you feel like you just can’t handle one more issue.

Driving home from work, and dealing with the people who don’t act right during the commute can raise your stress levels. At home, dealing the things that go wrong – such as repairs – can stress you out.

So can a disagreement with your significant other. Finding out that your child has to have something for school the next day and you’re just now finding out about it can cause you stress.

Most people understand these kinds of stressors. Though they can cause some unrest and maybe make you lose a night of sleep, they’re not usually linked to long term stress that can cause insomnia.

However, what a lot of people do have that they may not even realize is stress that’s not 100% in their conscious mind. This can be a lingering ache from a car accident that happened years ago.

An area of your body can have some pain still associated with that. The pain bothers you and causes you stress because it’s linked to that past trauma. When you experience a stress, you carry that stress in your body.

Whether it’s at the forefront of your mind or not, as you try to drift off to sleep, your body will experience the feelings from that stress. You might not even be able to put your finger on the why of it all.

But anti-stress comfort wraps can help. You have to get the tension released from your body before you begin to try and fall asleep. A comfort wrap is a simple terry cloth covered wrap with filling in it that you warm up.

You can usually warm these in the microwave. What most people do is to place the wrap at the back of their neck or across a shoulder, alternating sides about half an hour before bed.

The wrap helps relieve the tension and stress that’s within your body. These wraps are relatively inexpensive. You can usually find a good one for twenty dollars or less.