A Temperature Control Pillow to Relieve Insomnia

A Temperature Control Pillow to Relieve Insomnia

When you start to fall asleep, your body is supposed to lower your temperature. But in many cases, this doesn’t happen. That’s one of the first steps to the natural rhythm that your body is supposed to undergo.

When it doesn’t, everything gets out of rhythm. Your sleep cycle then begins the first stage where it’s heading toward sleep loss and the possibility of insomnia. There can be several reasons for this out of rhythm failure.

It can be tied to your body not producing enough melatonin. That’s usually one of the first things that your doctor might mention if you tell him you’re having trouble sleeping.

But this failure can also be linked to hormonal changes, like the ones that are found when menopause occurs. Poor temperature control can also be linked to medical conditions that impact your adrenals, your thyroid, or your autonomic system.

But regardless of what’s causing your temperature control problem, the end result is the same for you. Poor temperature control means that you end up not being able to sleep.

This can lead to insomnia. Thankfully, however, there are some things that you can do to help fix this. You can get a temperature control pillow. Reducing your temperature will make you feel drowsy enough to fall asleep.

An example can be found by what happens to your body after you take a bath. No matter how warm your bath water is, when it’s over, you feel sleepy. That’s because not only does a warm bath relax you, but it lowers your temperature.

That might not seem feasible since the water is warm. But what happens is that when you step out of the bath, your body temperature immediately starts to drop. So you feel sleepy right away.

When you use a temperature control pillow, the pillow will respond to your body by lowering the temperature within the pillow. This lowers your body temperature. These pillows are also called temperature adjusting pillows and temperature regulating pillows.

Many of them contain gel inside the pillow. The gel can react to your body by telling when it needs to cool you down. So the gel will actually grow colder. The majority of these pillows are also hyper-allergenic and can be machine washed.