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Improve your Sleep

Many people grow up not realizing the importance of sleep.


Good sleep is taken for granted. Not only that, but it is often the first thing that people skimp on when faced with deadlines and hectic schedules.


They find themselves becoming more and more sleep-deprived, which has negative consequences on health – increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and more!


Yet sleep improvement is something that anybody can do. You just need to understand how sleep works, what negatively impacts on it, and how to make very simple adjustments to your lifestyle to get the sleep that your body craves.


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Improve Your Sleep

Hidden Causes of Insomnia

Hidden Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia is the inability to stay asleep or have trouble falling asleep. For some people, they fall asleep fast, but wake up every hour. For others, it takes 4 hours of laying in bed to even fall asleep. Either way, there might be some hidden causes that you were not aware of. Knowing these hidden causes of insomnia just might help you get the sleep you have been missing out on.


Low Sunlight ExposureLack of Proper NutrientsGut Health Problems
You might be aware of how important vitamin D is for energy and focus during the day, but did you know lack of it can also be linked to sleep issues? This is among the nutrient deficiencies that may be responsible for your sleeping problems.
You need to get a good amount of sunlight exposure each day, and if that is not possible, talk to your doctor about taking a vitamin D supplement each day.
What you eat or don’t eat has a such a big impact on your health, including how well you sleep. There are some nutrient deficiencies linked to improper sleep, including magnesium, and electrolytes like potassium and sodium.
If you are on a restricted or low-carb diet, you might have a lack of electrolytes that is affecting the balance of your brain’s nerves. This can cause insomnia, as well as not getting enough magnesium in your diet.
Your gut is another possible hidden cause of insomnia.
If you have been having stomach or digestive problems, it not only can be linked to bloating, stomach pain, low energy, and a variety of other issues, but also losing sleep. It can create more stress, affect your mood, and reduce the melatonin concentrations in your brain. It’s time to heal your gut so you can get better sleep.
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